Top 9 Best Ceramic Coating For Cars In 2022

Best ceramic coating on cars

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Ceramic coating for cars in India, you have heard this many time if you own a car or recently bought a new car. 

If you don’t know about ceramic coating on cars please read our previous article explaining ceramic coating in detail then carry on this article : Read Full Article Ceramic Coating For Car

And if you already know about ceramic coating and want to buy one that you can apply at home then you can check out this article.

Things To Consider Before Buying A DIY Ceramic Coating On Car Kit

Durability :

The main purpose of ceramic coating on cars is that it lasts for long time, if you choose a ceramic coating that last only for few months then it is not a good pic, so choose a ceramic coating for car that lasts for at least one year.

Ease of application :

If you are going to buy a ceramic coating for cars and will apply it at home then you should pic a coating that is easy to apply other wise you will damage your coating and car’s paint.

Ease of maintenance :

The next consideration is that ceramic coating must provide ease of maintenance of cleaning the car, as you know that ceramic coating is hydrophobic and you need not to wash your car frequently, so choose a coating that is hydrophobic.

Environment :

Before buying a ceramic coating for cars you should keep in mind your environment condition if your weather is hot then you should consider a product that is focused on UV rays protection.

Whereas if you live in cold or rainy areas then your product should be focused toward hydrophobicity.

Maintain Gloss :

Your coating must have self-cleaning abilities so that it can maintain the gloss of the paint surface without washing frequently.

Vehicle Uses :

There is no use of ceramic coating on cars if you do not use your car or drive it occasionally.

If you use your car daily then ceramic coating on car can add value to your car.

If you are a car enthusiast then no matters you drive your car or not you should try it.

Car Age :

If your car is too old and the color of your car is already ruined then you should’n try ceramic coating on car, it is a waste of money, Because your car paint is weakened due to washes, contaminants and sun’s UV rays.


Migliore Strata Ceramic Coating For Cars is an easy to apply, high glossy and low maintenance car ceramic coating which protects your paint from environmental cantaminants.

It provides you protection against rain, salt and bird droppings for more than 12 months.

It provides you extreme protection from UV rays and washed-induced marring.

You have to wash your vehicle less frequent because it has self cleaning effect, most dirt and pollutant will not stick to the paint easily.

Migliore Strata Coating forms a hard shell over the paint surface that reduce the chances of scratches and creates a shine like a new car.

Strata Ceramic Coating on car is one of the most user friendly paint protection coating with high results and low maintenance.

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  • Easy To apply / User Friendly

    -High Shine 



  • Little Expensive

    -12+ months life


Color N Drive ceramic coating kit for car is a do it yourself nano biotic kit that will not need any professionals and experts for application.

Color N Drive car ceramic coating protects your car from bird drops, scratches, stone chips, iron powder and UV rays.

You will get deep gloss on your car paint surface.

You can apply easily without any concerns and can save for the major cost of application.

Color N Drive provides you higher hardness with enough flexiblity which will increase your coating life.

Color N Drive lasts upto 5 years without any problem.

One Color N Drive kit will easily cover two cars and applicable for bike also.

CND Nanobionic 9H Gloss ceramic coating on cars is recognized as the leading ceramic paint protection system offering great durability and protection from the environment.

How To Apply

These are the some simple and basic tips to apply Color N Drive ceramic coating on car by yourself.

 –  Please keep in mind that your surface must be clean and contaminant free before applying the coating on your car’s painted surface..

 – Simply wash off the car and polish it if you can.

 – Unless you paste polish your car, we do not recommend using clay on the surface. You can scratch the surface regardless of what clay that you use.

 – Shake it well before application to improve emulsification prior to the application.

 – 50 ml bottle is easily enough to do 2 sedan cars with 2 coats. Multiple coats are not necessary.

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  • Easy To apply / User Friendly

    -High Gloss


    -5 Years Long Life

  • You have to invest some time in the process



Sonax CC36 car ceramic coating forms covalent bond with the car paint surface providing a gloss like finish and resistance to UV rays and chemicals.

Sonax CC36 car ceramic coating is a flexible protection over your paint surface which can wear small road particles easily.

It also provide good protection against road salt, tar, street and industrial pollution.

It is highly hydrophobic dirt and water repellent and easy-to-clean.

It gives incredible deep shine and impressive color intensity.

This kit includes SONAX PROFILINE BaseCoat, SONAX PROFILINE GlossCoat, one Microfiber Cloth, two Sponge and one pair Gloves.

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  • Good Resistance And Flexiblity

    -Deep Paint Gloss


    -Two Coats Are Available

  • You have to apply two coats

    -last for one or two years


Nasiol MetalCoat F2 car ceramic coating protects your car body from environmental damages.

Nasiol MetalCoat creates a nano coating that protects the coated surface from acid rains and bird droppings, residue from water, fading from the sun, and filter UV rays.

It is applied by simple spraying, polishing with a microfibre cloth and gives deep shine to the surface.

You have to cure your car for at least 24 hours for desired results.

It is durable for 1 year for normal conditions and for 6 months for extreme cold and hot conditions.

How To Apply

 – Before applying the nano car ceramic coating on car, surface should be free of any type of dust, wax, dirt, oil, water or etc.

 – Please apply the coating in shaded area.

 – Please remove all swirl marks and repaint the major scratches to get the best and equal results on all over the  body.

 – Please spray the coating around 20-30 times for one square meter.

 – The surface should be buffed immediately with a dry microfiber cloth.

 – Please cure for at least 24 hours after applying the ceramic coating on car.

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  • Good protection

    -Deep Gloss


    -easy to apply

  • Last for 1 years for normal conditions 

    Need curing time of at least 24 hours.


Nano Bond PRO Ceramic Coating for car is comes from USA with all NEW latest formula with over 80% pure SiO2 content.

This Car Ceramic Coating protects your paint from scratches, small rock chips, dust, acid rain, paint transfer, rust and fading.

Nano Bond Car Ceramic Coating is also super hydrophobic and beads water and makes it run off easily.

It comes with durability of 2-3 years with excellent high gloss effect.

Nano bond has a heat resistance up to  760 degrees.

This kit includes 1 Nano Bond PRO Liquid Ceramic Coat, 1 Sponge, 1 Microfiber towel, 1 micro suede applicator, 1 pair gloves.

How To Apply

Basic application guide is here for more guide please read the instruction in the manual.

 – Firstly clean the surface as much you can by washing, polishing and claying.

 –  Park your car in dust free shaded area before and after the coating.

 – Now wrap the cloth over sponge provided in the box.

 – Apply a line of coating down the length of the sponge on the surface.

 – Spread the coating liquid on the car evenly

– Wipe and polish the surface after 1-2 minute of application.

 – Leave car for some time in your garage or in close environment so that coating can settle easily and evenly.

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  • Super Hydrophobic

    -High Gloss

    -2 to 3 years protection

    -easy to apply

  • 30 ml may not be enough for big vehicles

    Need curing and application time


Carpro Cquartz ceramic coating for car comes with 70% of sio2 content with 99.9% purity which gives you very clear hard gloss finish.

It has minor swirl marks filling abilities and protect from UV rays, contaminants, oils and dirt.

This coating guarantees long lasting coating with extreme strength and water-repelling capacity.
when the liquid meets the open air it cures and forms a ceramic quartz hard coating on the paint with extreme hydrophobicity.
This coating provides Extremely deep and rich gloss when applied properly with easy maintenance and “self cleaning” properties.
CQuartz UK contains ceramic nano particles found within glass, the result is a highly reflective, transparent layer of gloss.

How To Apply

 – Please clay the surface to remove all minor contaminants.

 – To get the most desired result from the coating, your vehicle should have all surfaces 100% clean and paint polished to a high level.

 – Use CarPro Eraser to remove any oils leftover after polishing – This is critical to ensure Cquartz coating durability.

 – Finding the right time to wipe off excess coating after it flashes:

 – Start with a single 2ft x 2ft test section to determine flash time before applying coating to entire vehicle.

 – Flash time will vary depending on temperature, humidity, air movement, paint type, how thick it is applied, and more.

 – Hot temps will cause it to flash faster, cold temps will cause it to flash slower. Air movement will cause it to flash faster.  

 – When it starts to flash you will see colors that will make the coating look like a rainbow or oil slick.

 – Remove too soon and it will be oily with no grab to it when wiping.  If you wipe off too soon it will not give the coating a chance to bond.

 – Remove too late and it becomes hard to remove.

 – The time to remove is when you feel just a little push back or “grab” against your towel but it is not difficult to remove and it is no longer oily.  It may leave some streaks at first but with the second wipe of a fresh clean side of the towel, the streaks should wipe off and the paint should be nice and clear.

 – Lighting is key to make sure you wipe off completely when you do wipe off.  You don’t want spot lighting like would use on paint correction but ambient lighting.

 – Look at the paint from different angles to make sure none of the coating is missed.

 – Spot lighting will “wash out” the high spots visually. Think of it like this: when you wipe off a sealant you have hours to go and check it again outside or in other lighting.

 – In this case you need to pay attention as you go rather than wait an hour. 

 – Thorough removal of the coating is very necessary as any product left on the surface will harden and require polishing to remove soon after.

 – It may start to become somewhat difficult to remove within the first 2-4 mins depending on the environment you are working in.

 – It may feel super grippy and it will smear and leave streaking. If that happens you will want to wait an additional 1 min and do a small test wipe to check.

– Continue checking in 1 min increments until coating wipes off clean and easy. 

 – Avoid High spots – A high spot is excess coating that was not wiped off.  Most of the time it will look like an application mark.

 – If you discover to them within minutes then a bit more product will lift them.  Otherwise you would use a shot of finishing polish such as CarPro Essence or Reflect and rub the high spot off, wipe it down with Eraser or your IPA of choice.

 – Then re-coat that area and onto the area around it by about 6″.

 – Then start wiping off the perimeter immediately and slowly work inwards to feather it until you reach the area you are trying to re-coat at the appropriate time. 

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  • Super Hydrophobic

    -High Gloss

    -More than 2 years protection

    -Very Hard layer

  • Not easy to apply


ZR53 by Nasiol is the ultimate car ceramic coating against harmful effects like acid rains, bird droppings, scratches, UV rays, and lousy washings.

ZR53 is safe to apply on plastic bumpers and rims and provide upto 3 years of protection without any damage.

Due to super hydrophobic nature of Nasiol ZR53 Water, mud, dust and grime requires little to no time and effort to clean.
With one application, you get two-layering of protection. The bottom layer provides the soft touch, and the top layering hardens, thus gives you maximum resistance and elasticity.
You will get Nasiol ZR53 50ml, Microfiber cloth, 2pcs Apllication pads, 10pcs Protective gloves and 2 pcs Multilanguage application manual in the kit.

How To Apply

 – Before applying the ceramic coating on car, surface should be free of any type of dust, wax, dirt, oil, water or etc.

 – Please apply the coating in shaded area.

 – Please remove all swirl marks and repaint the major scratches to get the best and equal results on all over the  body.

 – Please spread the coating using pad (provided in the box).

 – The surface should be buffed immediately with a dry microfiber cloth.

 – Please cure for at least 48 hours.

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  • Super Hydrophobic

    -High Gloss

    -Double layer protection


    -Lasts for more than 3 years

  •  Appication is not easy

    -Not so effective for metal surfaces.


Carpro Cquartz is a SiO2 (Quartz) &Tio2 (Titanium) based hybrid car ceramic coating for extreme reflections, gloss, and resistance to oxidation.

Extremely durable coat, which can help protect car paint against acid rain, bird droppings, corrosive traffic film, tar and harmful UV rays.

Carpro CQuartz bonds to paint, glass, metal, and plastic surfaces at a molecular level and becomes a functional element of the vehicle’s surface.
This coating is highly hydrophobic and gives you glass-like finish and protect vehicle’s surface from UV-damage, organic and industrial wastage fallout like acid and alkaline substances.
If you find cleaning your car very challenging then you should try Carpro Cquartz car ceramic coating that will last for more than 2-years.

You will be given a 50ml bottle of CQuartz, Applicator Block, 4″ Microfiber, Suede Applicators and Reflective Hologram CQuartz stickers in the box.

How To Apply

 Application process is same as on the Carpro Cquartz UK v 3.0

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  •  Hydrophobic

    -super Glossy

    -More than 2 years protection

    -Can be applied on every part 

  •  Appication is not an easy task


CQ Dlux car ceramic coating Made from quality high-grade organic silane (silica based), containing more than 50% pure silica which easily bonds with the pores of the trim.

Dlux car ceramic coating was engineered specifically for coating plastics, rubber and metal parts. It can be used on almost any finish including clear coated, chrome, aluminum, and plastic.
CQ Dlux car ceramic coating Withstands temperatures of over 800F easily.

Provide excellent protection against UV Rays, acid rain, bird droppings and other environmental damages.

CQ Dlux is applicable for Plastic trim, Rubber trim, Engine bay, Headlights, fog lights, & tail lights, Wheels, Tires, Metal trim, Exhaust tips, Chrome and Plastic wheel wells.

Box includes Cquartz Dlux 30ml bottle, 4″x4″ Suede MF applicators, Foam block applicator,  Sky Kit – 2″ Dia. Cotton Applicator Pad, Large Foam Swabs and Mini Swab.


How To Apply

Application On Plastic :

 – Surface should be cool and dry (Do not apply to hot surfaces or in direct sun.)

 – Scrub surface with an all purpose cleaner and microfiber towel.

 – Rinse while agitating with microfiber towel to remove all residue.

 – Wipe surface with Carpro Eraser, wipe dry, and then allow plastic to evaporate 20 minutes before applying.

 – Then wet the applicator with a strip of DLUX car ceramic coating and spread evenly across a small area at a time.

 – please work on one area at one time and Do not take on a huge area at once.  

 – Apply nice and even as you go. Do not try to spread too thin, but be sure to work it to an even coat in the first minute before moving to the next overlapping area.  After a minute you should not be going back over that area.

 – On textured trim do not wipe it off, just be sure you apply evenly as mentioned.

 – On smooth plastic you should wipe it off before it becomes too sticky.  This results in a thinner coat that doesn’t last as long but on some smooth plastics there is not an easy way to apply it evenly.

Application On paint and Chrome :

 – Wash your car properly.

 – Remove all contaminants and dust from the surface.

 – Polish the Surface if needed

 – Wipe-down the residue from the surface

 – On wheels (metal, chrome, clear coat, etc) let cure 1 minute at 90F up to 8 minutes at 50F and use a Microfiber to wipe it off in a circle motion until clear.

Precautions :

 – Allow to cure 1-3 hours without water being introduced to surface.  If wet during first 24 hours wipe off water before it dries on surface as a precaution.

 – After 3 days you are free to wash your car.

 – Avoid contact with skin and eyes and Wear gloves

 – Keep away from heat.

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  • Can Be Applied on wide no. of surfaces

    -High Gloss

    -More than 2 years protection


  • Appication is not easy

    -Not so effective for metal surfaces


These are the Best Car Ceramic Coatings  available online at this time in India, but if you want best out of these then according to our team experience, knowledge and research  Migliore Strata car ceramic Coating and Color N Drive Car Ceramic Coating Kit 50 ml-9H are the best.

If your pocket allows then go and buy them, if not then you can try other options as I mentioned above all are good option to buy online.

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