Best Pressure Washer For Cars In India In 2022

top 10 best pressure washer for cars in 2021

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Pressure washer have made the washing process very easy and cost effective for owners who want their car clean and shiny every time they want.

Washing a car regularly at service center is not a easy job for us in such a busy lifestyle. Washing at service station is very time consuming you have to wait for hours and spend good amount of money in a longer run if you wash your car regularly.

Then for car enthusiast and person who want their car clean every time washing at home come into play, if you wash your car at home to save time and money with simple bucket or tub then you can’t get the same results like service station or you have to invest more time or efforts to wash like that.

Then Pressure washer machine is the very good option for you, you can wash your car like service station in less time and money without so much of efforts.

Pressure washer especially in India help you in dealing with mud stuck in the lower body panels and other dirt and grime from your car surface and make it look clean and shiny.

There are different types of pressure washers available in the market but we will discuss about electricity based pressure washers which are easy to use, carry and maintain at home.

Pressure Washer uses a electric motor or pump which throws water with a very high pressure threw a hose pipe connected a nozzle at the end with spread the water pressure on the surface of the car.

In this article we will discuss about Why You Need A Pressure Washer, Things To Consider Before Buying A Pressure Washer For Car, Top 9 Best Pressure Washers For Cars In India and some Frequently Asked Questions and a Conclusion.

So, Stay tuned till end you will get something valuable from this article.

Best Car Pressure Washers For Cars In India

Why You Need Pressure Washer For Your Car :

Deep Cleaning :

Car Pressure Washer give you the same deep cleaning and result you can get at washing center.

You can easily clean dirt from your car’s body easily without using any detergent and shampoos with high pressure water gun provided with the machine.

Easy To Use :

These High pressure washer are very easy to use you can just connect the pressure washer with the water source and plug it in the electric board and you are ready to wash your car in very less time and efforts.

You can easily carry or transport these pressure washer with you because they are very light weight and many come with tires for easy transport and your convenience.

Time Saving :

You can save your valuable time if you use pressure washer machine rather then washing car normally or visit to service station.

In just 30 minutes you can wash your car with pressure washer at your home but if you visit service station you need at least 2 hours or more which is not possible on regular basis.

Cost Effective :

Washing car with pressure washer is very cost effective because with pressure washer you need less amount of water and very less electricity.

When you compare the cost of service station with your pressure wash at home your will end with saving thousands of rupees at end of month.

Multi-Purpose :

High-Pressure washers are not only made for car washing but you can use them for window washing, garage washing, walkway cleaning, wooden desk cleaning and so many other things in your home in your daily routine.

Our Buyer's GUIDE :

Before you choose any pressure washer for car we have listed some points that you should always keep in mind before choosing one so please have a look on these points.

Power Output :

First of all you have to understand you need, for which work you want a pressure washer.

If you want to use the pressure washer for normal car washing only then you can go for any car pressure washer they will do the enough for you but if you live in rural area with bad roads full of water and your car got heavy mud stick on the tires and under body then you should go for a medium powerful washer.

If you want to use the pressure washer for household works like floor cleaning, driveway cleaning, sunshade cleaning and more the its better to go for a high power pressure washer.

Portability :

Portability is the second most important aspect you should keep in mind, If you want a portable pressure washer then light weight pressure washer with wheels are the best for you.

In our list there are many heavy duty pressure washer made for heavy tasks but light weight with decent power pressure washer also there in the list so you can check them out.

if you live in apartment or building and you have a constrained parking with no power socket in the parking and no water source for washing then we have Bucket Pressure Washer on our list which are very much portable and you can fill them once and easily wash your car anywhere and anytime.

Hose Pipe length : 

Hose pipe length is very important of you have big car like Sedan or SUV then you have to consider the length of the hose pipe if not then you will irritate every time you wash your car.

Once you purchased the product it is difficult to buy long hose pipe for the same washer or you can’t extend that existing cable.

Nozzle Type :

pressure washer for cars in India

Some pressure washer have limited nozzle options, some have all in one adjustable nozzle so keep this in mind before buying any pressure washer.

Pressure adjustment nozzles are very convenient for washing and cleaning different-different things like car under body need high pressure at the one point while garden plants need less and scattered pressure.



  • Brand: Bosch
  • Model: Aquatak 125
  • Pressure: 125 Bars
  • Watt: 1500
  • Hose Length: 5 m
  • Weight: 6 kg
  • Dimensions: 36.5 x 36 x 44 Cm
  • Warranty: 6 months
  • Included components: Pressure washer, Hose pipe, 2 nozzle and Pressure Gun.


Bosch is one of the best brand available as you already heard about it, Bosch aquatak 125 comes with 3 cylinder 1500 watts  and pressure of 125 bars and it Operates at 220 – 240 volts with Hose length 5 m.

Bosch Universal Aquatak 125 high-pressure washer is the quick and effortless solution for a range of outside cleaning tasks. Its 125 bar pump delivers the effective cleaning power you require, and its quick and easy push fit connections to ensure you can start work quickly and effectively.

As Bosch aquatak is based on electric power it is very silent and easy to operate as well.

The 3-in-1 nozzle, featuring fan, rotary and pencil jet settings enables you to take care of a variety of cleaning tasks quickly and effectively. The high-pressure detergent nozzle comes as standard, enabling you to apply detergent even faster.

Universal Aquatak 125 high pressure washer with the new 3-1n-1 nozzle is feasible for heavy dirt cleaning processes like car under body cleaning and sunshade cleaning.

It has Larger wheels, Folding, telescopic handle and new secondary lifting handle make it very convenient for moving or transport. And its weight is about 6 kgs means you can lift and move it easily without much efforts.

It comes with 6 months of warranty from the company.

  • Great Built Quality.

    Good features for the price.

    Comes with 3-in-1 nozzle.

    Easy to use.

  • Warranty is not so much compared to other brands.

    Hose pipe length is only 5 m.


  • Brand: Bosch
  • Model: EasyAquatak 12o
  • Pressure: 120 Bars
  • Flow Rate: 350 Liters per hour
  • Watt: 1500
  • Hose Length: 3 m
  • Weight: 5 kg
  • Dimensions: 40 x 20 x 37.5 Cm
  • Warranty: 6 months
  • Included components: Pressure washer, Hose pipe, 2 nozzle and Pressure Gun.


Our second product is also from Bosch which is one of the best brand out their in the market, Bosch EasyAquatak 12o comes with 120 bars pressure which is more then enough for your car washing and other daily cleaning tasks.

Its compact design makes it quick and easy to use, while its new high-efficiency pump and 1500 watt Bosch series motor gives you all the power you need to get the job done. Its 120 bar cleaning power and range of accessories with quick and easy connections ensures you have just the right tool for cleaning tasks around the house and garden.

Bosch EasyAquatak 120 comes with universal practical suitcase type design which is suitable for many people to carry and transport it from one place to another and all the accessories are stores easily in the unit itself.

All household cleaning tasks such as removing dirt from driveways, cleaning outdoor furniture, window panes and washroom tiles, etc. can be done perfectly with this Bosch high pressure car washer.

It also comes with the 3-in-1 nozzle, featuring fan, rotary and pencil jet settings enables you to take care of a variety of cleaning tasks quickly and effectively. 

High pressure foam nozzle included as standard which makes detergent application more faster and efficient.

  • Good build quality for the price.

    Compact Design.

    Comes with 3-in-1 nozzle.

    Quick and easy push-fit connections.

  • Accessories quality is not so good.

    Hose pipe length is only 3 m.


  • Brand: VANTRO
  • Pressure: 135 Bars
  • Flow Rate: 380 Liters per hour
  • Watt: 1800
  • Hose Length: 8 m
  • Weight: 13 kg
  • Dimensions: 35 x 14 x 18 Cm
  • Warranty: 2 years warranty
  • Included components: Pressure washer, Hose pipe, nozzle and Pressure Gun.


If you are looking for something that is rough and tough for heavy uses with compact design and heavy build then Vantro 135 High Pressure Washer is the best suit for you and one of my best pic from the list for you.

Vantro Induction Motor which is an ideal professional washer cleaner machine for removing road tar, tree sap and insect splats from cars, grease deposits from concrete, heavy mildew, oil and rust stains, caked on mud and more is for you.

Vantro Comes with a powerful 1800-Watt copper Induction motor that can generate up to 135 Bar of water pressure and 380 Lit/Hr of water flow for highest cleaning capacity.

Vantro High Pressure Washer comes with advanced pressure operation feature. You do not need to change nozzles when you want to change pressure mode, it can be changed directly by rotating the spray gun.

The efficient and powerful PCB in the Ventro helps to make the High Pressure Washer long lasting and durable for heavy uses.

The Vantro High Pressure Washer has an advanced Total Stop System (TSS) Technology that enables automatic shutting off of the pump when the trigger is not in use.

The Vantro High Pressure Washer has an in-built heat protection mode that helps prevent the pump from going high temperature. This will help in reducing the chances of the machine from getting damaged due to overheating .

  • Build quality very good.

    Compact Design.

    Feature rich like automatic on and off features.

    Rotating nozzle for pressure control.

    2 Year Worldwide Warranty

  • Heavy in weight about 13 kgs.


  • Brand: iBELL
  • Model: WIND66
  • Pressure: 100 Bars
  • Flow Rate: 330 Liters per hour
  • Watt: 1400
  • Hose Length: 5 m
  • Weight: 6 kg
  • Dimensions: 30 x 23 x 32 Cm
  • Warranty: 6 Months warranty
  • Included components: Pressure washer, Hose pipe, nozzle and Pressure Gun.


If your budget is constraint but want is decent pressure washer in less budget then iBELL WIND66 may be a very good choice for you.

iBELL Wind 66 Universal Motor 1400-Watt gives you 100 bars pressure which is decent for normal use like car wash, driveway washing and other household cleaning work.

iBELL comes with spray gun with adjustable nozzle which is feasible for cleaning all type of situations like car under body, sunshade, rooftop, and corners od the ceiling. 

It has skillful design with wheels which make it portable and easy to maneuver in different situations. You can carry the spray gun wherever you want with its 5 m long hose pipe.

The quality of pump is decent as it is a aluminum pump with a maximum flow rate of 330 lit/hr which is very good at this price point.

  • Build quality good and compact.

    Light weight.

    Low cost with good features.

    Easy to use.

  • Only 6 month warranty is provided.

    Power is decent.


  • Brand: ResQTech
  • Model: RSQ-PW101
  • Pressure: 135 Bars
  • Flow Rate: 380 Liters per hour
  • Watt: 1700
  • Hose Length: 5 m
  • Weight: 8 kg
  • Dimensions: 44.3 x 34.8 x 27.6 Cm
  • Warranty: 2 years warranty
  • Included components: Pressure washer, Hose pipe, nozzle, Pressure Gun and Some attachment.


ResQTech is the product which deliver you the best performance under its price, this is the most value for money product in today’s list. ResQTech Powerful 1700-watt 100% Copper Winding motor generates up to 135 bar pressure and deliver flow of 380 lit/hr for maximum cleaning power.

This is the perfect product for heavy tasks like decks cleaning, cement walls, pavement, pools, outdoor furniture, cars, trucks, garbage cans, animal cages and more.

It comes with 90 degree nozzle which helps you in Underside Cleaning of your Car and 5 m long hose pipe with 5 m long power cable for maximum reach and you will get the best experience out there from this tool.

It comes with Universal Tap Connector ,Long Spray Gun and detergent dispenser with Automatically shuts off system when trigger is not engaged it shut off the pump to save energy and prolong pump life and make your car cleaning experience better then you think. 

NO QUESTIONS ASKED warranty is provided with the ResQTech,Contact customer support anytime for the lifetime of the electric pressure washer.

  • Provide great value according to the price.

    Easy to operate and assemble.

    Good performance.

    2 Year NO QUESTION ASKED Warranty.

  • Plastic quality is cheap.

    Make noise while using.


  • Model: BW 13
  • Pressure: 100 Bars
  • Flow Rate: 390 Liters per hour
  • Watt: 1300
  • Hose Length: Around 5 m
  • Dimensions: 30 x 8 x 15 Cm
  • Warranty: 1 years warranty
  • Included components:  Pressure washer, Hose, Lance, Gun with safety catch, Adjustable Nozzle, Rotating Nozzle, Nozzle cleaning tool, Water Filter and Detergent Dispenser,


If you are looking for a pocket friendly product with decent features and power then BLACK AND DECKER BW13 is the best choice for you.

BLACK AND DECKER BW13 comes with 1300-Watt powerful motor which generates a maximum pressure rate of 100 bars. This pressure washer delivers water flow at a rate of 390 litres per hour, which is ideal for proper washing a car.

This pressure washer not only capable for car washing but also used for interior and exterior household cleaning applications. It can also be used for cleaning the home or workplace garden areas without any hassle.

It is easier to move and store using Folding, telescopic handle and new secondary lifting handle for greater convenience and Large wheels for easy movement also.

  • Provide great value according to the price.

    Due to compact it is easy to operate and transport.

    Good performance.

    1 Year Warranty.

  • Hose Pipe Length is not so much.

    Make noise while using.


  • Brand: Inalsa
  • Model: PowerShot
  • Pressure: 135 Bars
  • Flow Rate: 408 Liters per hour
  • Watt: 1600
  • Hose Length: 5 m
  • Dimensions: 32.8 x 24.5 x 69.7 Cm
  • Warranty: 1 years warranty
  • Included components:  Pressure washer,Hose pipe, water pipe connector,Soap bottle, Extension rod, Spray nozzle and Spray gun.


Inalsa is the one of the best leading brand in the market which offers best value for money products for their customers in India.

With a powerful 1600-Watt motor, Inalsa pressure washer generates up to 135 bars pressure for better removal of duct and grime from the surface.

For highest cleaning capacity it generates 408 l/hr water flow. Now cleaning cars, bicycles, fences, patios, sidewalks, sidings, garden, yard, outdoor furniture is quick & easy.

Inalsa has efficient & reliable Aluminium Pump & Metal Gears ensure greater reliability and durability along with Self Priming Feature which enables you to draw water from any open water source or container like bucket. The Pressure Washer comes equipped with Water Inlet Adapter along with Anti Impurity Filter so that pump will not harm due to duct and contaminants in water.

The powerful pump not only gives you desired results but also functions at reduced noise levels. Using it in any surrounding for your cleaning activities will be productive and beneficial without having to cause any sort of disturbance to anyone around.

The Inalsa PowerShot 1600 W Pressure Washer is covered in full domestic warranty against any manufacturing defect for a period of 1 Year from the date of purchase

  • Provide great value according to the price.

    Produce less noise.

    Powerful and reliable.

    1 Year Warranty.

  • Build quality is not so good.


  • Brand: HSR
  • Tank Capacity: 16 L
  • Hose Length: 10 m
  • Dimensions: 38 x 36 x 44 Cm
  • Warranty: 1 years warranty
  • Included components: 1x Washer Bucket With Inbuilt Motor Pump. 1x 10 Meter Hose Pipe. 1x 3 Meter Car Cigarette Lighter Connector Cable. 1x Spray Gun 1x Cleaning Brush With Handle. 1x Cigarette Lighter Power Adapter.


Bucket pressure washer machine is the best suit for those who want to Wash their Car , Anytime And Anywhere without any hassle.

HSR comes with a bucket fitted with a motor or pump in a single unit which no so powerful but done a decent job for your normal tasks like Car washing,  garden watering, garage cleaning, floor cleaning and many more placed where high pressure water immersion required.

It has tank capacity of 16 liters means no need to refill the tank again and again fill it once or twice and your car will be clean and shiny.

It is very much portable as you can use it any where without external power source just plug it in your car’s 12 volt socket and you are ready to use it anytime.

It comes with washing brush with a internal fan nozzle can spray water while brushing the car. 

This HSR car pressure washer is no so much powerful but you will be amazed with its portability and usability.

  • Can be use anywhere and anytime.

    Easy to use.

    light weight.

    Operated with car 12 volt socket.

    long hose pipe.

  • No warranty is given.

    Not for heavy uses.


  • Brand: Aimex
  • Model: D7
  • Hose Length: 7 m
  • Dimensions: 41 x 31.7 x 29.8 Cm
  • Weight: 13.39 kgs
  • Warranty: 6 months warranty
  • Included components: Hose pipe, High Pressure gun, Foam bottle, Inlet adapter and Inlet pipe.


Aimex is a heavy duty electric pressure washer provide you best and robust performance because of its heavy build quality and features like Venturi system, AutoStop, Self-intake function, Pressure gauge, Variably adjustable fan spray lance and Water filter.

Aimex comes with a 1800 watt powerful copper motor which produce 100 bars pressure and max flow rate of 10 L/MIN which is sufficient for any car wash, patios, decks, driveways, house siding and more.

Its low-noise operation and auto stop technology switches the motor and pump off automatically when the switch is released.

This washer can be connected to a number of accessories for fast and efficient cleaning. It can be employed in washing your cars, watering plants, cleaning bathrooms, windows, floor, air conditioner filters and more.

  • Value for money.

    Easy to use.

    Have pressure gauge so that you can examine the pressure.

    Heavy Build quality.

  • Weight is very heavy.


  • Brand: Resqtech
  • Tank Capacity: 25 L
  • Hose Length: approx 7 m
  • Weight: 4 kg
  • Dimensions: ‎38.2 x 36 x 35.5 Cm
  • Warranty: 1 years warranty
  • Included components: Washer Bucket With Inbuilt Motor Pump, Hose Pipe, Cigarette Lighter Connector Cable, Spray Gun, Cleaning Brush With Handle and Cigarette Lighter Power Adapter.


Wash Your Car , Anytime And Anywhere is the best explanation for this type of pressure washers these pressure washer are very practical and portable solution for your regular car washing, home cleaning and gardening.

If your car do not require heavy wash and you maintain your car exterior regularly then this type of pressure washer are best for you because they have decent performance for medium car washing and cleaning.

This pressure washer power is not so high unlike other high end pressure washers so if you do not wash your car yourself then you can give this pressure washer to your driver so that he can’t damage your car’s paint in irresponsibility or in negligence.

Resqtech Offers you 25 L bucket capacity so no need to refill it again and again while you are washing your car and it does not need electricity ( 220 V Ac Current ) you can use your car 12 volt cigarette lighter port to use it easily

It does not require running water like other car washers, Most Useful For People Staying In Apartments & Buildings.

  • Can be use anywhere and anytime.

    Easy to use.

    light weight.

    25 L Bucket capacity.

    Operated with car 12 volt socket.

  • Not for heavy uses.

How To Use Pressure Washer Properly :

  1. Wear Protection Gears:

Always wear protection gears like glasses on eyes which are very important they prevent your eyes from dirty water and accidental pressure of pressure washer.

Wear gloves for your hands safety from cutting due to any metal parts.

   2. Use Right Nozzle:

Use right nozzle while washing your car, start with low pressure (40-25 degree) nozzle and check the pressure first on the ground then spray on the car surface.

Never use 0 degree or high pressure directly on the car’s body it can damage your car’s paint and other electronic devices like lights and other sensors.

Keep some distance about 2 to 3 feet from the car while using the pressure washer.

  3. Do Not Aim The Nozzle At Anyone:

Be careful when there is anyone other than you present near the car, the pressure can damage his/her body part like eye, ear and other sensitive body part.

  4. Do Not Spray On Electric Circuit:

Wash your car away from electric circuits and keep the pressure washer away from water as it may damage the motor though pressure washer motor is water proof but accidentally motor may damage and you have to face trouble in repairing it or replacing it from the company.

  5. Close All The gates And Windows:

Before start washing make sure that all the windows are rolled up, gates and boot are closed properly if not then water pressure may damage your interior electronics.

  6. Do Not Use Ladder:

Try to avoid using ladder while using high pressure washer as you may fall due to back force of the water pressure or if you can’t avoid then be careful.

  7. Avoid Extension Cord:

Avoid using extension cord as it may create short circuit when water accidentally enter in it or short circuit may damage the motor of the pressure washer so always careful while you use electricity or water simultaneously.

  8. Never Spray In Engine Bay:

Never spray water in the engine bay of your car it may damage or shot circuit in your car so please avoid this.

  9. Follow The Instructions Provided With The Pressure Washer:

Always follow the instructions provided with the product specially in case of electronic items because they are expensive and damage easily due to small mistake.

Frequently Asked Questions?

1. Are Pressure washer safe for car body paint?

Yes, pressure washers are safe for your car’s body paint but they may damage your paint if you are using a high pressure more then 135 bars directly on the paint surface from very close distance.

You need to be careful use 40 -25 degree nozzle for your paint surface.

2. Maximum pressure for safe car wash?

The pressure of pressure washer should not be more then 140 bars or you have to use the spray gun from a certain distance like 2-4 feet depends on the pressure of your pressure washer.

3. How to clean a clogged nozzle?

You can use a thin piece of wire or a small instrument to remove any contaminants in the spray gun. Run water through it to remove the remaining clogged part.

4. what kind of detergent should I use?

For car washing always use Car Wash Shampoos they are specially made for car body paint and are cheaper then our normal hair shampoos and detergents.

5. Should I use distilled water in the pressure washer?

No, you no need to use distilled water you can use your normal tap water but make sure it should not be hard water which may create rust problem in the longer run.

6. What if the motor get wet while using ?

Though most of these pressure washer are water proof, you can check it in your product user manual but always be on a safer side put the motor in dry place so that it can’t make any accidental water damage problem.


So, Our today’s article conclusion is that if you wash your car regular or your car needs washing sue to bad road conditions then you must try pressure washer for car it will definitely solve your most of the problems related to car washing.

You can use pressure washer for multi tasks like in garden, parking cleaning, driveway cleaning and many more.You can safe your lot of time and money also if you use pressure washer in place of visiting service station every time.

So, in this article we have listed Top 10 Best Pressure Washers For Car In India Available in online market in 2021.

Thanks for hearing us here on our blog post, we are glad to be here for helping you for making your car owning experience better.

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