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Teflon Coating Information

What is teflon coating ?

What is Teflon Coating? most of you people are concern about teflon coating. 

I will give you all the Information about Teflon Coating For Cars in this article So, STAY TUNED TILL LAST.

In simple words Teflon Coating is for those who want their car protected, clean and shiny and do not want to spend big amount of money.

When you drive your car, your car face different types of environmental hazards, scratches, dirt, chemical contaminants, oxidation, swirling and UV rays.

Then your car paint surface needs a coating so that it will remain safe under the coating, which should be hydrophobic in nature and easy to clean.

If you are the one who drives his car very less but want it to be clean and shiny for longer time with less efforts in your garage.

Then you also need a coating that make your car clean and shiny for longer time without more efforts.

If you want your car remain protected and shiny but you don’t want to spend on expensive coatings like Ceramic Coatings then Car Teflon Coating is for you that is cheaper then ceramic coating and provides you not more but a decent amount of protection and gloss.

Wait….First of all I want to clear that Teflon Coating For Cars does’t exist Teflon is a registered Patent of Company DuPont and now part of Chemours India (Subsidiary set up of Dupont).

For this coating car detailers use products with similar chemical composition to Teflon Coating not the exact Teflon product.

Why Your Car Needs Teflon Coating?

Teflon Coating Information

Car is the place where you spend your maximum time after home and office. So, you should know What Is Teflon Coating?

The first thing is that everybody wants their car to be clean and shiny while they put out their car from the garage.

So to make car clean you have to put a lot of efforts to wash it every week or twice a week.

But if I say that you need not to apply so many efforts to wash or clean your car, you can easily clean your car with a microfiber cloth.

So to get car clean and protective in less efforts you have to do some efforts one time to do Teflon Coating Process on your car.

The second thing is that when you bought a car you will use it for a minimum of 5 to 10 years and in this time period your car paint get swirl marks and becomes dull.

To prevent it from dulling you need a layer or a coat on the paint so that it will remain the same as it was at the time of delivery.

So, In this way Teflon Coating For Cars is very important.

Terms Related To Teflon Coating


Hydrophobicity of Teflon coating on cars

In Easy Words, Hydrophobicity is the property of any molecule that repels water and do not let the water stay on the surface.

swirl marks: 

swirl marks teflon coating
swirl marks teflon coating

swirls are circle like scratches seen on paint surface due to improper cleaning, please visit our car care guide for more details).

Read More: “How to prevent swirl marks while cleaning the car”

How Does Teflon Coating On Car works?

benefits of teflon coating

Before the Teflon Coating Process, the first step is detailing ( cleaning ) of your car, then after cleaning and removing all minor scratches and swirl marks, a simple liquid coating is applied on the car’s clear surface.

Then Coating sits in some time that is hydrophobic in nature and prevent it from most of the natural hazards.

So, in this way Teflon Coating On Your Car Works.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Teflon Coating


    1. Paint Protection :

advantages of ceramic coating
advantages of ceramic coating

The purpose of Teflon Coating On Cars is that it protects the paint of the vehicle from environmental hazards like most scratches, dirt, chemical contaminants, oxidation, swirling, UV rays, and corrosion.

    2. No Side Effects :

Teflon Coating On Cars is done to protect the paint and it does not damage the other mechanical parts of the car until and unless it is applied on the moving parts of the car. 

        3. Glossiness :

    When you Coat your car with Teflon Coating, you will get a glossy finish on your car’s paint.

        4. Easier To Clean :

    If you don’t know I will tell you that the second purpose why people prefer Teflon Coating For Cars over other waxes and sealants is that it has the self-cleaning properties.

    Self-cleaning means you no need to worry about washing your car before going to anywhere you want, you can easily use the only microfiber cloth to remove dust from your car in very less time because after this coating, car surface will become very smooth.

        5. Hydrophobicity :

    Hydrophobicity means water repulsion, after Teflon Coating Process your car’s surface becomes hydrophobic which means water with contaminants and dust will not stay on your body paint and your car looks cleaner and your paint will not damage easily.

        6. Cheaper :

    Teflon Coating For Cars is cheaper then Ceramic Coating it costs you around 3 to 6 thousand depends upon detailer to detailer.

    Without hitting your pocket Teflon Coating can provide you good amount of gloss and protection.

    Disadvantages Of Teflon Coating

        1. Water Spotting :

    water spots on teflon coating
    water spots

    The main disadvantage of Teflon Coating Proccess is water spots, although the Teflon Coating is hydrophobic and does not retain water on the paint surface but some water drops are left on the paint and as we know water contain dust and minerals and after evaporation, they left spots that we call water spots.

    But don’t worry you can easily or smoothly remove them with a clean microfiber cloth.

    Read More: ” how to prevent water spots on car”

    Teflon Coating Process :

    In Simple Words :

    If you are the one who do not want deep Information About Teflon Coating and detailing then these are the simple point that everybody can understand easily.

    First of all your car is cleaned, polished, again cleaned (polish residue is cleaned) then Teflon Coating process is done and finally buffed off the residue.

    In Detail :

    If are a car enthusiast and want to know about it in detail then these are the following steps professional detailers take in the process of Teflon Coating explained in detail.

    1. Preparation Work (Detailing):

    • Cleaning :

    As we discussed earlier that it is a type of coating that seals the paint as it was at the time you did the Teflon Coating on it. 

    So, it is very important to clean the car paint maximum you can. 

    These are the steps taken by the detailers to clean the car properly.

      1. Water washing: first of all your car is simply washed with car shampoo to remove all dirt from the body of the car.

      2. Claying: Then after washing claying is the next step of cleaning, clay is a compound used to remove very small and tiny contaminants from the paint, and make the paint surface smooth.

    To make paint smooth and ready for polishing clay is used. 

    Clay is a sticky component so it is used with lubricant ( you can use soapy water) so that it will not stick with the paint.

    • Polishing:

    After removing all dirt and contaminants we need to remove swirl marks, grease, and minor scratches by polishing the paint surface.

    Polish gives a shine to the paint that was lost due to oxidation, dirt, and pollution.

    So, polishing plays a very important role before Teflon Coating because as we know after Teflon Coating everything will be sealed under it so we need to get the maximum glossiness before Teflon Coating otherwise you will not get the desired shine.

    • Again Cleaning/Wiping:  

    All the polish residue and chemicals that are remained at the time of polishing on the car paint will be wiped out through washing.

    2. Application:

    After cleaning and polishing the main step is the Application Process Of Teflon Coating directly on the painted surface.

    Teflon Coating Liquid is taken on a clean microfiber cloth and slowly applied on a single part of the car or on the half part if it is a bigger part (depends on the size of the part).

    The motion of the microfiber cloth is in the criss-cross direction so that the liquid evenly spread over the surface.

     Another microfiber cloth is also used for gentle cleaning over the coating area after 1 to 2 minutes so that all blemishes are completely removed.

    So, in the way, the Process of application of teflon coating on car is done.

    3. Curing:

    Your car will be kept in the closed dust and pollution-free environment for some time by the detailer.

    Then you can take the delivery of your car.

    Myths / Awareness

    myths of teflon coating

        1. After Teflon Coating Process On Car, your car Will Becomes Scratch And Rock Chip-Proof :

    Some car detailers say that their Teflon Coating is scratch-proof, then be carefull they are fooling you, don’t trust them.

    It is a very thin layer of coating and can’t be scratch-proof but can reduce swirl marks. 

    When you go fast at highways small stones hit your car and leave scratches, Teflon Coating can,t protect your car from these types of scratches. 

        2. After Teflon Coating On Car You Will No Need To Wash Your Car :

    This is an another big myth about Car Teflon Coating in people’s minds, they think that after applying Teflon Coating On Car they will not need to wash their car.

    If you are the one who parks his car in open space or under a tree then to remove bird droppings and tree leaves marks you need to wash your car.

    In fact, a Teflon Coating On Car makes washing work so easier and smoother than any normal car.

        3. It Has Zero Maintenance :

    People have wrong Information About Teflon Coating process.

    You can’t say that it has zero maintenance because if you do not maintain your car timely then you wasted money and you will get the same output as before, same water spots, swirl marks, bird droppings, and no shine due to dust.

    On the other hand, if you clean your car on a weekly basis with good quality products and with little bit efforts then you will get very good results.

    So, it’s a myth that Teflon Coating for cars is maintenance-free, you have to maintain it a little bit, not more and you will get very good results.  

        7. Teflon Coating Provides More Gloss Than Any Wax Or Sealant :

    No it is only a coating that seals the gloss of the paint under a glass layer.

    The Teflon Coating does not provide any type of shine but the preparation work (Detailing work) under the coating shines, the better the preparation work the better the gloss of the vehicle is.

    Awareness :

    In the field of Teflon Coating Many car detailing showroom owners do fraud with unaware customers.


    They provide wrong Information About Teflon Coating for car owners and use cheap quality waxes and sealants and make you happy with these cheap products with short term gloss on your the car.

    If you are here and trust me then it is my duty to aware you from these type of car showroom dealers.

    Mostly this fraud is done by the car dealers, who knows the excitement level of their customers while taking delivery of the their new car from their showrooms.

    And we as a new car owner want our car to look like showroom condition always and get into the talks of the dealers and ruin our hard earn money on cheap quality wax and sealants.

    Every car dealer is not the same but most of them are making money with this method. 

    Frequently Asked Questions?

      1. Can We Use The Car Directly After Coated?

    Yes, Teflon Coating does not take more time to set so after application you can use you car on roads.

      2. How Much Time Is Consumed In The Whole Process?

    The whole process can consume 2 to 6 hours depending on the detailer’s method and his products.

      3. Which Parts Are Covered In The Coating Process?

    On every painted part of the vehicle like the body, rims, windshield, and all glasses.

      4. Does It Affect The Warranty Of The Vehicle?

    The Teflon Coating on cars never voids your vehicle’s warranty until and unless it is applied to the rotating parts and engine-related parts like brake rotors that may cause any damage or safety concern to the vehicle’s life.

      5. Is Teflon Coating For Car Is Safe For Its Paint?

    This is a silly question most people asked in my comment section.

    I tell you that the main purpose of Teflon Coating is to protect the paint from the environmental damage.

    And the second purpose of Teflon Coating for cars is to maintain the gloss of your car’s paint.

      6. Can We Remove a Teflon Coating After Application?

    Yes, you can remove a Teflon Coating with the help of experienced professionals using many methods like ; Rubbing.

    But I do not recommend you to do so however Teflon Coating’s life is not so long (max. to max. 12 months).

      7. Do I Need Wax After Teflon Coating?

    No, you need not wax your car after Teflon Coating.

      8. Is It Safe For My Chrome Parts And Glass Parts?


      9. Is Teflon Coating Worth To Choose?

     The Teflon Coating is worth it for the car enthusiast and the people who have a low budget to spend on their car.

    If Teflon Coating For Cars is not worth it then why I wrote this article and waste my valuable time on it.

      10. What Are Teflon Coating Prices?

    The pricing of Teflon Coating For Cars starts from approx 2,000 to 7,000 rupees depends on your car size,  product quality and the detailer himself who apply it on your car.

    Comparison :

    Teflon Coating

    Ceramic Coating

    1. More Chances Of Fraud1. Less Chances Of Fraud
    2. Available in cheaper rates2. Expensive
    3. Take less time to apply3. Take quite a long time and expertise to apply
    4. Provide Less Protection4. Provide Good Quality Protection
    5. Good Option In Low Budget5. Very Much Preferable If You Have good Budget

    Teflon Coating


    Teflon Coating Information
    1. First Thing Is It Is a Coating 1. It Is a polythene
    2. Available in cheaper rates2. Way More Expensive
    3. Need less Expertise3. Need More Expertise
    4. Provide Less Protection4. Provide High Protection
    5. Good Option In Low Budget5. Very Much Preferable If You Have daily Run.

    Teflon Coating

    Wax / Sealants

    1. Durable1. Last For a Week Or a Month
    2. Expensive2. Available in cheaper rates
    3. Take quite a long time and expertise to apply3. Less Time Consuming
    4. Provide a Decent Protection4. No Protection
    5. Prefer If You Have Budget5. For One Time Happiness, Nothing More

    I think you are enjoying the article



    So, the conclusion of this article is that Teflon Coating For Cars is a nice deal for those who want their car to look like new for years and can spend some money on it.

    If you want your car look great and remain protected then you have to apply Teflon Coating frequently because it hardly lasts for 6-12 months.

    One line I want to add that Ceramic Coating is more value for money if we see it on longer run.

    Teflon Coating is good for you if you want it for less time period or have a low budget problem at that time and in future want to upgrade to Ceramic Coating or if you want to sell your car after some time.

    I think that I have covered all the topics related to the Teflon Coating For Cars and What Is Teflon Coating?

    if you have any question related to TEFLON COATING INFORMATION or related to other topics, please ask us in the chat below in the right, on the Instagram page and on the Facebook page all links are given below.

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